Quickly create your own landing pages within Webpower

You have an aim for every email: you want to, for example, inform or convert your customers. To do this, you usually create a landing page in your CMS. This is complex and time-consuming, and you often need external tools or people, such as a webmaster.

This should be possible in a more easy and quick way, as well as in a more organised manner. With the latest functionality of Webpower: Landing Pages, you can easily and quickly construct landing pages from your email platform. You can then also eventually start your flows from there. We will explain how to do this below.

The advantages:

  • One source for everything: you no longer require a web builder or other tooling
  • Create Landing Pages easily using the drag & drop system
  • We visualise your page and you immediately see your modifications
  • You publish your page simply and can easily link these to your emails
  • Style your landing page in your corporate style elements and blocks. We will be happy to transfer these for you
  • You can make forms yourself. These are coupled directly to your Webpower database, including the associated settings such as radio buttons. After completing forms, you can place your contacts automatically in groups and start your communication flows. This is both easy and efficient.

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