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Add the text block to the canvas. In the right-hand panel click on “source code” in the wysiwyg editor.

For example on YouTube there is a “share” button. Click on this as well as on the embed link/icon. Select the code that is displayed by YouTube and copy this. Go back to Webpower. In the “source code active” mode you can paste this in the wysiwyg editor. Click once more on the “source code” button, after which your video will be visible on the canvas.

Go to and log in. If you are an administrator within Google Analytics you can add a new account by clicking on the Admin link bottom left on the screen.

Click then on the “+ Create Account” button.

The following screen then appears:

Provide an account and website name. The URL of the website is:


Replace with your own license name.

Go through the required steps. You eventually see the Google Analytics tracking code.

This is an example of a code:

  window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];

  function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}

  gtag('js', new Date());


  gtag('config', 'UA-xxxxxxxxx-x');

Copy the highlighted part UA-xxxxxxxxx-x and paste it in the UA code field when making a new page within Webpower. PLEASE NOTE: it can take some time before you see visitors.

Yes, just as with emails it depends on the device or, for example, the landing pages are reduced in size and/or columns are displayed beneath one another. On the Page Builder you can set how the columns have to be arranged on a mobile device.

Yes, the majority of the styling and blocks from the drag & drop email editor can be transferred to the landing pages. For more information please contact your account manager or the support department.

Yes, there is an HTML5 check which verifies whether a @ and . have been included in the address.

Based on the email address and/or other fields that are unique when combined, it is determined whether the contact person is already known. If this is the case, then all the completed fields are used in the database with the exception of the email address.

No, once you click on the button all the entered data is stored in Webpower and the form is closed.

When you create a landing page, the general URL of the page is created. Everyone can register through this URL, this form is not personalized nor prefilled. You can prefill already known contact details if you use the personalized link in the email. In the drag & drop email builder you can link to the published landing pages. Open the text editor, select the text and click on the icon in order to insert a hyperlink. Then select the landing page at Pages. Important: only published landing pages can be selected here, so be sure to publish your page first.

select personalized page
It is also possible to retrieve the personalized landing page link for your button by using the “Pages” tab like in below screenshot.

pages tab in button
If you don’t have a pages tab on your buttons, please contact our support team and we will make it available for you.

Yes, you first have to publish the landing page. In this way we want to avoid a 404 being displayed when the email is sent.

No, you cannot personalise the contact from the landing pages (also not via customisation).

No, the personal details are not displayed. Contact details are encrypted twice the moment the email is sent.

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