Adding forms in Landing Pages

In order to add a form to the page, drag the Form block from the left panel to the middle, or click on the “+” icon in the canvas and select the form icon in the pop-up.


  • You can add only one form per landing page.
  • A form is added within a column of a layout. 
    • You can contract the fields using padding.
    • If a form has to be displayed on the left or right of the page, first select a 2-column layout and place the form in one of the two columns
  • Fields in the form are always linked to database fields in the Webpower platform. 
    • You can have known contact data entered in the form in advance, if you have set it as such
    • When sending the form the fields are completed in the database. Existing data is overwritten.
    • New contacts (based on unique fields, as standard the email address) are created as a new contact person.

If you have selected the form block, you can carry out the following changes in the right-hand panel:

Form title This title is displayed above the form. Additional text can be added below the title, but this can also be left empty.
Text on the button This text appears on the button.
Success message after sending This text is displayed when the form has been sent successfully and appears where the fields of the form were previously. It is not possible to set a different URL as a thank you page.
Error message if sending has failed. This text is displayed if the form has not been successfully sent.

Select whether reCAPTHA has to be activated. 

ReCAPTHA detects misuse on the website, without the user being aware of this. This Google tool measures the probability that a user is vulnerable to spam (or is, for example, a ”bot”). A score of 1.0 indicates there is a large chance that this is a user, and a score of 0.0 that this likely a bot. The average score that can be used is therefore 0.5. Those registering with a score lower than 0.5 cannot access Webpower.

After sending, add contacts to group Once the form has been sent, the relevant contacts can be placed in a group.

The following styling options are available for the form:

  • Styling of the button (colours, forms, etc.)
  • Styling of the form (alignment of the form field, background colour)

Tip: Zoom in for a more detailed view

Form fields

These form fields are available:

Text field

Collect here email addresses or other short texts / bits of information based on figures.

Text area

Collect here longer texts

Hidden field.

Insert predefined data which is not visible to the page visitor.

Radio buttons

Your contact can select one option from a predefined list of options in the database field.

Date picker

Select a date


Select various options from a predefined list with options in the database field, for example agreeing to the general terms and conditions.


The contact can select an option from a predefined list of options in the database field.


Can be used when a confirmed opt-in is not necessary.

Additional setting: option to prevent the registration being submitted if the selection box has not been ticked.

The styling settings can be modified for each form field. You can also apply additional settings.

Settings for all fields
Label This text is displayed as standard above the field. This can be styled differently using CSS.
Link with the database field in Webpower Select in which database field the entered value has to be saved.
Mandatory field Indicate whether it is mandatory to fill in the field.
Settings, depending on the field type
Placeholder This text is shown in the input field and disappears as soon as the input field has been selected.
Field is read only for known contact persons This field is displayed, but cannot be modified for known contact persons.

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