Automation guarantees successful outbound marketing

Automation helps you achieve the most success from your outbound marketing. And saves a huge amount of time. Webpower wants to make automation as easy as possible for you. A consecutive series of prearranged, automatic emails is called a flow.

This may be an automatic welcome email for a new customer and a successive series of emails through which the customer gets to know more about your product or services. Another example is a communication flow preceding or following a particular event. A flow can also consist of just a simple annual birthday email.

Follow-up communication in the flow can of course depend upon the behaviour of the recipient. Was your email not opened? Then send a reminder automatically. Is someone now an inactive member? Send a timed email containing relevant content (for example a discount or other attractive offers) aimed at reactivating the consumer. Increase your conversion without the fuss.

But how can you put such a flow together quickly and easily in an orderly fashion? The answer is provided by the latest functionality offered by Webpower: the Flow Builder. We visualise every step from your flow to give you a good idea. You can then design each step in your flow according to your personal wishes.

Getting started with the Flow Builder