How QR codes can contribute to your organisation

These days marketers are faced with a dizzying list of resources and channels to get attention from the target group.

For example, you can include a QR or bar code in an email. This allows you to create a personalised coupon that can be handed in at an event or in a shop. The recipient can either print your email or show it directly from a mobile device.

When scanning the QR code, a series of follow-up messages can be automatically sent by email or SMS.

Applying QR codes

QR codes can be used in many different ways. Via print, in-store, packaging, advertisements, outdoor advertising, and obviously online. What is it all about? Identification and enrichment of profiles with the ultimate aim of expanding the database, increasing conversion, enhancing the brand image and increasing engagement.

QR codes in Event Marketing

There are many ways to automate event-related communication. In this article we will show you an example using a personalised QR code in Webpower.

Agenda service

Imagine you are organizing an event. As a marketer, you first create a landing page for the event, containing a registration form. In addition, you can add an agenda to the relevant event. You can also set a reminder for sending an SMS. For this you will obviously need the consent of the applicant. In addition, the recipient can directly enter the data (day/time) from the mailing into the digital agenda.

Event management

Is there limited room capacity and do you want people to receive a message once the room is full? Then pre-set the number of places available. Request additional information on the application form, such as dietary needs of the applicant and automate unsubscribing via email or SMS.

Confirmation email

Immediately after registration you send a confirmation email, so that the person interested knows he/she has been registered. This email also provides an opportunity to promote your social media channels. Consider, for example, a Twitter account, Facebook account or a specially designed app for this particular event. This way, people who are interested can communicate with each other and share knowledge before, during and after the event.

Personalised QR code

For this event we make use of a personalised QR code. In the reminder email you send 2 or 3 days before an event, include the code as an image, which also serves as a personalised admission ticket. The e-ticket can be printed, but the QR code can also be scanned from your mobile device.

As a follow-up, you can – if you have requested and received permission – for example, send an SMS or a notification message from the specific App one day before the event. Consider, for example, service messages with practical information about times, accessibility and parking. In addition, you can include a cancel button in the reminder email, which allows you to make a better estimate of the number of visitors beforehand.

During the event, both social media and SMS are suitable communication channels. Social media is very suitable to promote the event as a whole, as well as specific program components. But also for sharing opinions, knowledge, as well as impressions.

Relevant follow-up

Thanks to the personalised e-ticket you know exactly who attended which session. This allows you to send presentations and other relevant information afterwards. And to improve the event, ask targeted questions about the event and the session(s) attended through an email survey. The questions may relate to how they found out about this event, evaluation of the organisation of the event as a whole, a grade per presentation, which topics were missing, and what other similar events they visit. Use the email survey and thank-you page to promote future events that are similar in nature.

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