Measurable hyperlinks in your email

If you send an email with news or a promotion, you naturally want to know the results of your efforts. How many people received and read your email and clicked on your call-to-action? Ideally, you want to follow them on your website as well, and see whether they have actually made a purchase or given you their information.

Measure the results of your emails and use the feedback next time to make them even better.

In order to analyse the success of your campaigns, you can use conversion pixels. A conversion pixel is a bit of code you place on the website to measure orders (goals/conversions). These pixels are usually placed on the thank you page, because this means you can be sure the order process was completed. When a visitor completes a conversion (purchase, download, completion of a form), this conversion pixel measures it.

This provides you with information about which subscribers lead to conversion through your email marketing campaign. Even if they ended up on your website via your email first, and only decide to place an order at a later time.

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