Increase your conversion rate using buttons

The aim of your email may be to inform or request action, but often you want the recipient to click through to a landing page with more information. To achieve this you need to make it as easy as possible for the receiver, so use buttons for eye-catching call-to-actions. These are the signposts in your email.

How to further optimise your buttons?

Buttons allow you to significantly increase your conversion. The advantage of a button is that it stands out better than a hyperlink in the body text. Buttons consist of the following features, allowing them to generate a higher conversion of your email.

  • Size: The button must be large enough to draw attention, but without overshadowing the rest of the email. Make sure there is plenty of white space around the button, so that it stands out properly.
  • Colour: The contrasting colour of the button should stand out against the background and the rest of the email. Also think about the choice of colour; often orange, red, blue or green is used for activating call-to-actions.
  • Shape: The rounded corners of a button are experienced as softer than straight corners. Moreover, people will focus more on the contents of the button, thanks to the rounded corners.
  • Text: Try out various types of texts that are in line with the goal you have in mind, but keep it short and sweet. There are many possible variations such as directive, activating or personalised texts. Make sure that the title and the text of the button match well, so that it makes sense for the recipient to click on the button.

Test and decide on the best button

Unfortunately, there is not just one specific composition to arrive at the recipe of the best button. The results of a button strongly depend on, among other things, the target audience, the message and the layout of your email. Test step by step what the key to success is for you. Change one aspect at a time, and carry out an A/B-test, for example, to see what gives you the best results.

Carry out an A/B-test to see what gives you the best results.

Finally, a click on your button is an email conversion, yes! But your ultimate goal is for someone to leave their details or to immediately proceed to make a purchase. Therefore, the landing page must match your email and button. The landing page must match both visually and in terms of content, so that people do not pull out but immediately recognise the message.

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