What is deliverability?

When talking about email marketing, each ESP (email service provider) talks more about deliverability. But what is deliverability exactly, why is it important and how do you increase your deliverability?

Deliverability explained

Deliverability is an organic result of the implementation of best practices to deliver email to someone’s inbox. It consists of several factors that determine whether an email is marked as spam or placed in the inbox.

To create the highest possible effect of your email, you want to actually reach as many people as possible, therefore you want the highest possible deliverability.

Delivery vs. deliverability

Deliverability is often confused with the term delivery or delivery rate, even though there is a significant difference. Delivery or delivery rate indicates that the email has been successfully delivered to the ISP (Internet Service Provider), such as Gmail or Outlook. Whereas deliverability indicates the likelihood of the email arriving in the inbox of the intended recipient.

Increase your deliverability

From within Webpower we control as many factors as possible to ensure that your email arrives in the inbox of the recipient. Through the use of technical systems and a team of experts we ensure the best possible basis. You have an increasingly decisive role in deliverability. ISPs assess your reputation as a sender and the content of your emails and consider this a good indicator for inbox placement. Consideration is given to how relevant you are to the individual recipient, as a result of which your email is perceived as spam by one Gmail recipient and placed in the inbox of a different Gmail recipient.

How to increase your deliverability:

• Make sure you have the right authentication settings
• Make sure your subscribe and unsubscribe procedure is up to par
• Work with a current database
• Write relevant content

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