Why you should never purchase email addresses

You want to inform as many people about your product or service as you can. But what do you do if you don’t have any addresses?

The solution appears to be a simple one: you purchase a list that, according to the seller, contains email addresses of people who have given permission to be sent commercial mailings. You then import those addresses into the Webpower platform and you hit send. Right?

Wrong! Sending emails to people who haven’t signed up for them is probably the biggest blunder you can make when it comes to email marketing. It’s illegal, and you might end up paying hefty fines. More importantly, though, it’s a sure-fire way to destroy your email reputation in the blink of an eye.

And what if I choose to purchase an email list anyway?

Webpower prohibits its users from sending unwanted emails. This applies to all forms of unwanted mass emails and commercial emails, collectively referred to as spam. It applies to clients, clients’ clients, and clients that offer services that allow spammers to send unwanted emails.

Webpower’s clients and, where applicable, clients’ clients are not allowed to use the platform to send unwanted emails. Senders of mailings and the like are required to be able to demonstrate that the recipients explicitly asked to be sent the emails or materials in question. In the absence of evidence of the above, this may unconditionally be interpreted as failure to obtain the aforementioned explicit permission.

All complaints Webpower receives are sent to the client, allowing them to give feedback and offer a solution to the problem. If we do not receive feedback and a fitting solution to the sending of unwanted emails within 24 hours, we can block the account until Webpower is convinced that the problem has been solved in its entirety and that measures have been taken to prevent unwanted emails from being sent in future. The client is responsible for all unwanted emails sent via their Webpower account.

Clients who use their Webpower account for sending unwanted emails are blocked immediately and will be given 2 hours to stop sending unwanted emails (in batches).

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